Welcome to Scarab 1.0.22

Scarab is a highly customizable artifact tracking system supporting the following feature set:

  • Standard features

    data entry, queries, reports, notifications to interested parties, collaborative accumulation of comments, dependency tracking.

  • Fully customizable

    Scarab has fully and free customizable and unlimited numbers of
    • Modules (i.e. your various projects)
    • Artifact types (e.g. "Defect", "Enhancement", "Requirement", etc)
    • Attributes (e.g. "Operating System", "Status", "Priority", etc)
    • Attribute options

    All aspects of your artefact management can be defined on a per Module basis so that each of your modules is configured for your specific tracking requirements.

  • Multi lingual

    Scarab uses java resource bundle technology and is shipped with the language localizations for de, en, es, fr, it, ja, ko, nl, pl, pt, ru and zh. The used languages are all available simultaneously. Users can choose their individual language based on their browser language preference settings.

  • Based on application server technologies

    Scarab is built using Java Servlet technology for speed, scalability, maintainability, and ease of installation.

  • Import/Export interface via XML

    That allows an easy migration from other tracking systems (e.g. Bugzilla).

  • Modular code design

    That allows manageable modifications of existing and new features over time.

  • Integrated customization UI

    Scarab is fully customizable through a set of administrative pages.

  • Easily modifiable UI look and feel

  • Integrateable

    Scarab can be integrated into larger systems by re-implementing key interfaces.

  • Self contained

    Scarab is a ready to use issue management system.

Where do I get releases?

There are two types of downloads. There is the source download available from the Subversion repository and the stable releases from the Project Download List.

You can also download a nightly built of the trunk from here.

How do I contribute ...?

Scarab developers/users Community

If you want to actively contribute, give feedback or send bug fixes, then please join the Scarab.Tigris.org community by registering with the site and then requesting an Observer role within the Scarab project.

Mailing Lists

To get involved with the development of Scarab, please join the developer's mailing list.

The first thing you should send when you join the list is to post an introduction message that tells the group:

  • Who you are
  • A link to a picture, if ya have one
  • Your interest in Issue Tracking
  • The role you would like to play in the project (e.g., do you want to just discuss ideas, write code, do UI design, or be an early users?), and
  • The rough level of effort you expect to put (e.g., mainly lurking, a few postings a week, a few evenings, several hours a week, this is part of my full-time job).

Getting Started

The first place to start off with developing on Scarab is to download the SVN tree and explore the documentation, build system and code that is there already. Build a "target" sandbox, startup Tomcat and explore the templates that are already there. Analyze the database design and look at the files in the src/sql directory (the default-data and sample-data) files are very helpful. Scarab's Guides from documentation site contain everything necessary to get a Scarab installation up and running. It's easy.

Submitting Issues

After searching the issue tracker and you really do have an original problem to report, then please report it using our issue tracker. Register and create a new account. Make sure to request a DEVELOPER role. Please include a detailed message that describes the problem (make it as easy as possible to understand), how to reproduce the problem and a stack trace if one is generated. Make sure the the email address you register with is subscribed to the issues mailing list so that emails generated by Scarab are properly sent to the mailing list.

NOTE: Please do not use the issue tracker to create test issues. You can use our runbox hosted by Saxess to create as many test issues as you want.

If the issue tracker is unavailable or you have a problem with it, please contact the developers and let them know.